Best Sustainable Costa Rica Coffee Brands

Wake up and smell the coffee! Costa Rican coffee is some of the best coffee in the world. Costa Rica has the perfect climate and volcanic topography to grow the richest, most flavorful coffee you’ll ever taste. 

Drift Away Eco-Lodge is committed to supporting small-scale, sustainable Costa Rican coffee producers. Many coffee-producing giants engage in poor agricultural practices that damage the environment and pollute the water for the sake of larger yields and bigger profits. So how do you know that the Costa Rica coffee your buying is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethically grown? 

red coffee beans
Coffee beans are red when harvested. (courtesy Café Corazón)

Here are a few of the best Costa Rica coffee brands that are committed to conservation, sustainability and empowering farmers and communities. Supporting these brands will help to protect one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet. Besides, these Costa Rica coffee brands just taste better!

Read on to find out more about the best Costa Rica coffee brands, the best coffee plantation tours in Costa Rica, and where to buy sustainable Costa Rican coffee.

Café Corazón

cafecorazon coffeebag - Drift Away Lodge

Café Corazón is the pride and joy of our little town of Playa Negra.  It’s delicious, 100% natural and organic Costa Rica coffee. It’s the coffee we serve to our guests. The coffee beans are grown sustainably on the hillsides of Zona de Los Santos, Tarrazú, Costa Rica. This area is famous for growing some of the best coffee in the world! The beans are then shipped to be roasted at the company’s restaurant and coffee shop in Playa Negra, located 2.6 km from Drift Away Eco-Lodge (less than a 10-minute drive).

Café Corazón is committed to protecting the environment and watersheds that feed its Costa Rica coffee plantation by using:

  • shade-grown agroforestry systems,
  • organic compost, 
  • carbon ash pesticide, 
  • recycled water separation systems, 
  • the sun to naturally dry its coffee

Café Corazón’s mission is to protect the environment while empowering farmers and communities. “We reject the idea that organizations must sacrifice some principles of sustainable growth in order to earn profit in today’s marketplace,” says the Café Corazón website.

coffee with milk
Café Corazón

Visitors can learn more about how Café Corazón makes its flavorful brews through its coffee roasting course. On this unique Costa Rica coffee tour, you can roast your own coffee beans in the shop’s roasting oven while learning about how the coffee is grown sustainably and responsibly. And you will leave with a bag of your own personal coffee blend!

Where to buy this Costa Rica coffee? Look for Café Corazón ground and whole-bean Costa Rica coffee in its Playa Negra restaurant or in the Drift Away Eco-Lodge Gift Shop. You can also purchase and have the coffee delivered to your door (in the USA) through the company’s website.

Tamarindo Coffee Roasters

tamarindocafe - Drift Away Lodge

To the north of Drift Away Eco-Lodge in the tourist center of Tamarindo, you will find Tamarindo Coffee Roasters. The company started in 2017 and offers direct trade and single origin coffees from sustainable farms in the mountainous Tarrazú area (the same area where Café Corazón beans are produced). Its “Organic Honey” coffee is certified organic. This Costa Rican coffee brand is available at local supermarkets in our area and at its shop located on the main road into Tamarindo.

Café Haug

Café Haug is a popular coffee shop, restaurant and bakery in the Costa Rica capital of San José. Its specialty coffee is 100% produced under an all-natural method. Like the best coffees in Costa Rica, the beans are grown in the Tarrazú region.


Diria is a cooperative coffee plantation located to the southeast of Drift Away Eco-Lodge in the Blue Zone area of the Nicoya Peninsula, in the mountainous region near the town of Hojancha (80 km, 1.5-hour drive). Diria Coffee is produced by a cooperative of small independent farmers in the region. The facility uses its waste as compost and uses wastewater methods that protect the local watershed. Its coffee is certified Fair Trade.

The coffee plantation offers one of the best coffee tours in Costa Rica. Visitors are taken through the entire coffee-making process, from planting the seedlings to harvest to drying and processing the beans. The tour ends with a coffee tasting.

Café Orgánico Alianza Madre Tierra

Alianza Madre Tierra coffee is shade-grown 100% Arabica coffee. The company has been certified organic for more than 10 years and also certified Fair Trade with its producers.

Locally grown, Costa Rica coffee is a great souvenir or gift to take home, and a Costa Rica coffee tour is a memorable and eye-opening travel experience. The staff at Drift Away Eco-Lodge can help guide you through this taste treasure!