Do you like yoga? | Plan your own yoga retreat

Whether you are a long-time practitioner of yoga or barely starting in this discipline, the opportunity of traveling for a yoga retreat must not be missed. But if you do not get the chance to travel often, you may want to have a trip to a hotel in Guanacaste Liberia beyond the planned activities. So, continue reading to learn how to make this possible!

Plenty of spaces for you to practice yoga

Guided retreats can be a great experience, but it implies you will not have the final choice about schedules and activities. Not two people are the same, so if you cannot find a retreat that convinces you, why not make your own?

What makes a yoga retreat different than a vacation?

Let’s start by understanding their goal. For a holiday trip, having fun and relaxing are usually the only objectives. Retreats, in contrast, are more spiritual in nature, since they are oriented toward moving away from life distractions to focus on inner being and yoga practice.

Therefore, using technological devices such as phones and laptops is less common. There is also an increased focus on the disciplined practice, and looking for periods of reflection and silence. The activities also have a bigger interest on wellness: spa treatments, spending time out in the nature, and meditation.

At the Blue Zone Resort, our goal is to make your trip – regardless of its goal – an enjoyable experience you will never forget. Therefore, we will offer you everything you require, such as open and enclosed spaces for practices, yoga equipment, the best healthy, organic meal options, and more. If you are a yoga teacher, you can contact us for hosting your own retreat here.

Benefits of a yoga retreat

Nature and meditation

As you may imagine, being in a yoga retreat can have great benefits for your body and mind. Yoga is a good practice by itself for your health. Therefore, once you embark in one of these journeys, you will be able to dwell deeper into them and go back refreshed to your daily life.

❯ Stress reduction

Any class of yoga, in general, is good for relaxing and decreasing stress levels. However, sometimes, even weekly classes cannot repel the negative feelings resulting from a lot of work, family or relationship issues, or even just traffic. Nevertheless, when you are in a getaway you are not present suffering these things, which will give you time to relax and decompress.

Part of this comes from minimizing or outright avoiding technology during this period. Checking social media and E-mails sounds tempting back at home, but it will not be the same if you are surrounded by nature. In turn, this will help you focus on your inner self, instead of what is happening and how to react.

❯ Body detoxing

Every day, your body is exposed to a countless toxins. Whether it is from the polluted air from the city, the type of food you eat, or just the natural biological processes, it is important to make a time for detoxing. And, for sure, a retreat is a great moment for this. Daily yoga practice, sustained hydration, breathing and balance focus, and natural meals without additives will all help your body recover and thrive.

❯ Improvement of your yoga skills

One of the greatest benefits of dedicating your time fully to a discipline is that you will come back with a lot more knowledge and confidence in what you are doing. Whether it is guided or by conscious efforts on what you want to improve, you will certainly find you have changed for the better once you are back.

Feel free to explore different types of yoga styles, try new poses, focus on your breathing techniques, and challenge yourself in new ways. Also do not forget meditation. At the end of the day asanas are just part of this ancestral practice, and training your mind to enter in a meditative state will help you deal with the problems you may be facing back at home.

At the Blue Zone Resort, we have plenty of spaces for you to practice yoga. Whether you choose to be in one of our daily classes, go to a quiet beach, or visit our own yoga shala, you will always find a way to keep doing what you love.